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The Original Clubhouse ... Over the holidays a club member sent this rare photo of the first MB&GC clubhouse.
If anyone recognizes any of these original members, please identify them through e-mail (Click here to send e-mail to MB&GC)
Naturally, it wasn't long before the group got so numerous and the weapons (which included Sherman tanks) got so large, that an isolated ranch of several thousand acres was required to contain these impromptu gatherings.
When, finally, a clubhouse was built for shelter in inclement weather, somebody said " hey, we got a clubhouse, we might as well have a club!"
Since the first gatherings were held in a Montrose neighborhood pub in Houston, Texas, the organization was dubbed "The Montrose Beer and Gun Club."
Originally, the club membership was limited to Texas residents and there were no walk-in beer coolers and no airstrip out at the clubhouse and shooting range, but the essence of the club was the same then as it is today.
In a nutshell: beer and guns. That says it all!
The Montrose Beer and Gun Club was started shortly after WWII, when servicemen returning to Texas with a greater sophistication relative to both beer and guns than they had before the war, discovered to their glee that the combination of beer and guns went together like ham and eggs. This was interesting and downright satisfying.
Sitting around drinking beer and swapping Beer recipes, while exhibiting favorite and sometimes exotic, firearms eventually led to getting together, drinking beer, and shooting those firearms.