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History of the Montrose Beer
and Gun Club

Welcome to the website of The Montrose Beer And Gun Club — an idea whose time has come. Here, you will become acquainted with the hapless characters who populate the Montrose Beer and Gun Club Chronicles.
The "Chronicles" are weekly reports that illustrate in their own sensitive way, some of the grim lessons in safety that seem to attend the practice of drinking beer and shooting guns.
After familiarizing yourself with the culture of "Beer and Guns" should you
choose, as many do, to align yourself with others of your kind and join the club, the opportunity is here.
Look around the website. Find out if you see anything of yourself lurking in the spirit of the Montrose Beer and Gun Club. Perhaps you will find it the perfect club for a friend of yours.
If so, Welcome to the club. If not, what the hell, God knows we're not for everybody.