Most Asked Questions
of the Montrose Beer and Gun Club

1. Is there really a Montrose Beer and Gun Club, a Club House and Shooting Range?

2. Are the stories that appear in the Chronicles really true?

3. Is it possible to get a complete history of the Montrose Beer and Gun Club Chronicles?

4. How do I become a member?

5. Is there other club paraphernalia available? is a registered trademark 2017®
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Contact Montrose Beer And Gun Club

1. To question the existence of the Montrose Beer and Gun Club is like asking if there is really a Santa Claus, an Easter Bunny, or if dreams really do come true. The psychological and philosophical implications of such a judgment are beyond the scope of this writer: indeed the scope of most of the members of the club, both past and present. In short, it’s your call.

2. It’s all there in black and white. Isn’t it obvious?

3. No. All the club records were destroyed when the club house blew-up December 26, 1999, and no one seems to have a very clear memory as to just what occurred at any given meeting or event. The only trustworthy accounts of events are the Helga Biermeister Chronicles which started appearing in the weekly paper, Houston’s Other in February of 1999. The club will try to make these available in their entirety as soon as possible. (See "Selections From Chronicles")

4. Contact Friends of the Montrose Beer & Gun Club for information on becoming an official member.

5. Glad you asked. Not only do we have our casual t-shirt, we now have our "formal shirt" and a couple of really sharp hats. Supplies are limited and will be available at the next cookoff.